Commercial Roof Replacement Cost

Commercial Roof Replacement Cost Estimator  

There are many options when replacing a commercial roof: asphalt, flat, metal, PVC, TPO, and coatings. It is often difficult to know which is the best for your building and which will offer you the most benefit both short and long term. GacoFlex roof coatings offer cost savings that no other roofing system offers.  

Long lasting 

A GacoFlex coated installed roof lasts 5 times longer than the average commercial roof.  There are many qualities that contribute to this.  

Resists Weather Damage  

A roof coating is durable during any weather situation that might come up. It is not dented or damaged by hail, it is not warped by sunlight, and it does not bubble with moisture from rain and snow. A GacoFlex roof coating is also flexible and can expand and retract with the heat and cold, saving money because it won’t crack or become damaged in varying temperatures.  

Doesn’t Harden or Chalk  

Most roofs will harden as they are exposed to varied weather elements. This reduces their effectiveness as they become more brittle and prone to damage. With damage comes other issues like leaking water and decrease in efficient temperature regulation for the building which in turn will cost you money on a roof repair or replacement.  

Can Handle Pools of Water 

A GacoFlex coated roof makes a smooth and solid roof surface. Because it is put on as a liquid, it forms to the roof drastically decreasing the likelihood corrosion or rust will form. Therefore, when water pools on the roof you don’t have to worry because no penetration will happen and the roof will remain free from corrosion and mold issues. This reduces the number of times you have to repair or replace your roof and saves you money.  

Easy to Apply 

Our roofing system is easy to apply and maintain. It is also applied in a fraction of the time of other types of commercial roofs. This helps you save money on installation, maintenance, and the need to redo application of the roof.  

Extends the Life of the Roof  

A dark roof absorbs light, which causes the material to heat up and warp or become brittle over time. The light color of a GacoFlex roof reflects light, which makes it last longer as well as helping control the building’s climate.  

Climate Control  

Since the light colored reflective commercial roof reflects light, it makes heating and cooling the building easier and saves money on heating and cooling costs.  

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